Does my Ex Still Love Me? Find out What You Need to do NOW!

Are you worried your ex might move on with his life without you? With the constant thoughts of “does my ex still love me” it’s making it really hard to fall asleep at night, plus your ability to concentrate at work has gone from barely there to none at all. In other words, your world is upside down and you want nothing more than for your ex to come back to you. If you want to give yourself the best chance to get your ex back, check this out.

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Apply the No Contact Rule If You Wonder “Does my ex Still Love Me?”

Instead of text message, calling or emailing your ex boyfriend, you must give him some time and space away from you to get clarity on his own life. The more you try to contact him, the more you are trying to control his feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, you can’t control anyone’s feelings, thoughts or desires but your own and when you try, you push them away. When you call your ex to convince him to take you back, you’re essentially trying to control his feelings. This is the reason why he hasn’t responded very well to your futile attempts in reaching out to him.

Focus What You Do Have Control of If You Question “Does my ex Still Love me?”

Take advantage of the powerful tool behind yourself. You can’t control your ex boyfriend but you can control yourself. With that said, instead of worrying yourself with “does my ex still love me” you must ask yourself “what can I do to make myself feel better?”

Once you learn to love yourself again, you’re opening the doors to be loved in return. A break up can cause a major decrease on one’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s normal for you to feel unloved, broken and in “depths of despair.” You must learn to feel good about yourself.

The only way you can do that is if you improve your life. Are there any relationships you’ve forgotten about since your past relationship? Do you need to lose weight or get in better shape? Have you been wanting to switch careers or go back to school? Whatever it is, go after it and do it! This will help you realize that the only person that can make you happy is yourself and not your ex boyfriend.

This minor mindset shift will help you attract your ex back or anybody else for the matter. In order to be loved you MUST LOVE YOURSELF– always. When you and your ex began dating, you weren’t riddled with thoughts of “he doesn’t love me anymore.” You didn’t have negative thoughts like that because you didn’t NEED him in your life but only WANTED him. This will help you overcome this tough period in your life. Instead of asking yourself “does my ex still love me?” You must ask yourself “what can I do to make myself feel better?”

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