Does the No Contact Rule Work Or Is It A Waste of Time?

If you’re going through a break up, you’ve probably heard from friends or other resources to apply the no contact rule immediately if you want to get your ex back. You can’t help but wonder “does the no contact rule work at all?”

How Does the No Contact Rule Work?

The no contact rule is when you refrain from contacting your ex on all forms of communication- from phone calls, text messages, emails to going and visiting your ex.


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Why Does the No Contact Rule Work?

First of all, when you contact your ex after they broke up with you, you’re ignoring what they want most – time and space away from you to reevaluate their own life. Also, when you’re texting, calling or even visiting your ex, you’re most likely trying to do your best to convince them to take you back.

When you’re trying to convince your ex how to feel or what to think, it will most likely push your ex further away than attract your ex back to you. What you want is for your ex to feel the consequences of their decisions to break up with you. If you keep seeing or contacting your ex, you’re not allowing that to happen.

When Does the No Contact Rule Work Best?

Ideally, you would want to begin to cut off all contact with your ex right after the breakup. If you’ve already made all the mistakes of contacting your ex, don’t lose hope. There is still a chance of getting your ex back if you begin applying the no contact rule right now.

Plan on spending about a month implementing the no contact rule. This should give you a chance to heal from the breakup and get into the right mindset of attracting your ex back. One month should also be enough time for your ex to realize that they miss you. Do not apply the no contact rule for the sole purpose of trying to get your ex to miss you, what you want to do is work on your self improvement.

Does the No Contact Rule Work?

It does work because you’re giving your ex what they want, time to think and space away from you. Not only does time apart help your ex, it gives you a chance to work on parts of your own life that may have been left neglected because of your relationship. It’s common for certain friendships and hobbies to be put on the back burner while in a romantic relationship.

If you go out and reconnect with old friends and do what interest you, that will help heal you from the inside. It will help shift your mind from needing your ex to wanting your ex. When you need your ex, you are giving off a vibe that your ex can literally feel. When you want your ex, you’re giving off a totally different vibe that will help attract your ex back into your life.

Whether or not does the no contact rule work, your main objective should be healing yourself from this emotional pain you are going through. Your internal mind is in chaos right now and when your mind is on an emotional roller coaster ride; your external world is also suffering.


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