Need Help Getting Over a Break Up?

A break up can be a truly difficult thing to deal with in life. In an instant, your relationship can completely vanish leaving you suddenly single.  It’s no surprise that when your relationship disappears that you could end up having some problems getting over a break up.

What should you do if you find yourself completely at a stand still in your life?  Barely able to pull yourself out of bed each morning to face the world and without any motivation to do the things you once loved.


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Well, one thing you can start doing to put the pieces of your life back together is to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem.  When you find yourself getting dumped, you somehow instantly feel so down and low that it almost seems like you never had any self-esteem to begin with.

Here is an exercise that can help you with your self esteem and a good start to getting over a break up:  When you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed in the evening, take a few minutes in the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror.  Look yourself in the eye and repeat a simple affirmation like ‘I love myself’ or ‘Everything is okay.’

This may feel a little silly, but if you stick with this habit for a few weeks, the affirmation will take root in your subconscious mind and you will actually start to believe it.

Don’t feel like you need to limited by the affirmations listed above either.  You can literally program your mind with any belief you want.

Another thing you might want to do when getting over a break up, is get in the practice of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

After a break up, when you’re dealing with post break up depression, it can feel like you just want to hide away from the world in a cocoon of your comfort zone.  However, this isn’t going to get you back on your feet and enjoying life again.

If you can fight this urge by slowly putting yourself out there and breaking the inertia to stay in and sulk, you can begin getting over a break up and regain your own sense of optimism in life.

So, if you feel like just staying in, you might do something small and simple like going for a short walk instead.  Just go for a ten minute walk and then if you want to come back home for the night, that is fine.

But if you go out for your walk and you happen to meet an old friend or pass by an inviting coffee shop, feel free to stop and catch up or have a cup of coffee.

The point here is to take small and incremental steps to push yourself out of your natural inclination to keep to yourself and to slowly push you out into the world again.  Remember, that small and easy steps like the one listed above are great to help you overcome inertia.

Getting over a break up isn’t easy; it can be difficult and could even begin to hold you back in a lot of ways. Do what you can to keep yourself surrounded by positive energy, love yourself, try new things e.g. hobbies, friends; and you can soon begin to recover from the pain of your break up.


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