I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back! How Do I Know If I Still Have a Chance?

Break ups are painful and hard to move on from. Many people who are trying to get their ex back are constantly riddled with thoughts of “I want my ex boyfriend back ASAP.” Are you at a loss for what to do next to get your ex boyfriend back? If you are in desperate need to get your ex back, you must check out below on what other people are asking.

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Q: I want my ex boyfriend back! Why won’t he respond to any of my calls? If only he would just listen to me…

A: What your ex needs more than anything right now is time and space… away from you. The more you bug your ex with phone calls, text messages, emails and so forth, the more you’re trying to convince your ex what to think or feel. As much as you wish you can, you have NO CONTROL over what your ex boyfriend thinks or feels. The more you try, the more you are pushing him away. The only thing you DO have in control of is yourself. Use yourself as the most powerful tool you have to get him back.

Q: If I can’t contact him, what should I do? I want my ex boyfriend back pronto.

A: You need to apply the No Contact Rule. It is essentially what it sounds like. You must stop contacting your ex in ALL forms. No more calling, text message, emailing or visiting your ex if you ever want to get him back. You are giving your ex boyfriend a chance to miss you and time for you to heal yourself to attract him. You must attract you ex, never demand for him attention.

What you must do is apply the no contact rule and work on your self improvement.

Q: I want my ex boyfriend back more than anything! What do I do to work on my self improvement?

A: Chances are high that you NEED your ex boyfriend back rather than want him back. When you need your ex back, you are literally giving off a vibe that is desperate and needy. Needy and desperate are not attractive and will most likely push you ex way.

You MUST know the difference between needing your ex and wanting him. When you NEED your ex, you’re depending on him to be happy. When you WANT your ex, you would like to get him back but you will be okay if you don’t. The fact that you’re riddled with thoughts of “I want my ex boyfriend back”, chances are high you are in the WRONG mindset to get him back.

If you are constantly telling yourself “I want my ex boyfriend back”, it sounds like you lack self confidence or self esteem. When you rely on other people to be happy, you aren’t relying on yourself to be happy, which will not help you.

Once you learn that you don’t NEED your ex and you’ll be okay with out him, you have a much better shot at getting him back without jeopardizing your integrity or your values.


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