Does No Contact with Ex Boyfriend Work?

Have you heard about the No Contact Rule? If you have, then you probably know that it basically involves No Contact with ex boyfriend for about one month. This will supposedly get him to miss you and want you back.

But does No Contact work?

Well, the truth is that it really depends. Depends on what? Well, it depends on how you approach the No Contact Rule.

There are really two mindsets that people have when they start No Contact with ex boyfriend.

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One mindset is that this tactic will help make their ex boyfriend miss them and admit that he still loves them.  Unfortunately, this is the wrong mindset to have when starting No Contact with ex boyfriend.

This doesn’t work because you are using it as a means of manipulating or tricking your ex boyfriend back to you. You haven’t fundamentally changed anything about the one person you can control in this relationship–yourself.

These sorts of mind games may work at temporarily getting him back, but don’t be surprised after a week or two when he leaves you again after he realizes that nothing has changed about you or the relationship.

The second mindset is that of taking the personal time you need to heal yourself from the wounds of the break up. There’s no doubt about it, you probably have at least a few emotional wounds from the break up.

Before you can even consider approaching the subject of getting back together with him, you really should do yourself a favor and apply No Contact with ex boyfriend to give yourself time to recover from the pain of the break up.

Spend about one month working through your emotions and reconnecting with yourself as an individual.  Take up hobbies and focus on yourself.  As you make progress and learn new skills, you’ll increase your own self-esteem (which is probably at a low point following the break up).

By the end of the month, you’ll be back on your feet and brimming with confidence. Your ex boyfriend may miss you as a result of the No Contact, but that is not the primary purpose for cutting contact.

He will probably notice these changes that you’ve made over the past month, and as you make progress toward your own personal goals, he can’t help but be drawn to your magnetic confidence.

So to answer the question on whether No Contact with ex boyfriend works at getting him back, I hope you can now see that it really does depend on your mindset.  If you’re depending on No Contact like some kind of petty mind game, then it will probably not work.  However, if you are using it as a genuine means to better yourself, then I would say that the odds are much more in your favor.

Just remember to keep the positive momentum and continue to focus on improving your life and growing personally.

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