Should I Text My Ex Boyfriend?

If you’ve been thinking ‘should I text my ex boyfriend?’, then think again! If you’ve been texting your ex boyfriend or playing the “lets be friends” card in hopes of getting him back then please take a moment to read this article because you can benefit the most from it.

Should I Text My Ex Boyfriend? Why It Will Do More Harm Than Good!

If you haven’t heard of the No Contact rule, let me break it down for you. The No Contact rule gives your ex boyfriend time and space to figure out what he wants in his life, including whether or not he wants you to be part of it. The No Contact rule is what it sounds like– stopping all forms of contact with your ex including calling him, emailing him, visiting him and you got it… texting him.

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The No Contact rule is essential in getting your ex boyfriend back. There are several reasons for this. First, by leaving your ex alone, you’re giving him a chance to miss you! By constantly texting ex boyfriend, you’re practically telling him you don’t care if he needs time and space away from you because you’ll still continue to contact him.

Haven’t you heard of that infamous saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, this includes calling him, “accidentally” running into him and texting him.

Immediately after a breakup, some people panic and worry that their ex will continue on with their life without them, so they pull out the “friend” card in hopes of eventually winning them back. This also doesn’t work for the very same reason why calling and texting ex boyfriend doesn’t either.

Instead of texting ex boyfriend or befriending them, what you need to do is take time for yourself. Right now, the state of mind you’re in is left tattered and lacks self confidence because of the breakup. This happens to almost everyone who goes through a painful heartache– they’re left in an unattractive mindset that won’t help them get their ex back.

If you’re considering ‘should I text my ex boyfriend’, your mindset is mostly likely in the state of needing him rather than wanting him. This kind of mindset is something your ex boyfriend can literally feel. When you need him in your life, you’re giving off a vibe that is everything but attractive. It actually does the opposite of what you want. By contacting your ex, you’re coming off as desperate and clingy even if it’s not your intentions to do so.

Instead,  take time right now to work on parts of your life that you feel is lacking in one way or another; instead of wondering ‘should I text my ex boyfriend’? Do you have old friendships that may have be neglected while you were with your boyfriend? It happens to many couples where their other relationships, hobbies and interest are put on the back burner because they’re lost in the throes of love.

If this sounds anything like you, call up an old friend you haven’t heard from in a while and catch up with them. If you want to shed a few pounds, why don’t you take up jogging or go join a gym? Also, by working on your physique and health, the next time you see your ex, he will definitely notice how great you’re looking.

So the next time you think ‘should I text my ex boyfriend’, think twice and decide whether or not you really need to contact him. If texting your ex boyfriend is fueled behind feelings of desperation or need, put down that phone and call a friend instead, hit up the gym or write in your journal because texting him will hurt your chances of getting him back.

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