Tips for Talking to Your Ex Boyfriend and Impressing Him!

So, if you’ve been taking a bit of time away from your ex boyfriend and using the No Contact Rule to heal your wounds from your break up or make him live with the consequences of his decision to leave you, then I really want to congratulate you.

Not many people can do this. But how do you start talking to your ex boyfriend again after you’ve gone for a month (or longer) without talking to him?

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Well, the first thing you need to do is not take this too seriously. I know that you might feel like you need to rehearse your words or plan things out, but really the best approach is to just restore contact casually as if it wasn’t really a big deal at all.

Something simple like “Hey I was at the mall yesterday and I went to the music store and saw that Porcupine Tree had just put out a new album; that made me think of you.” will work just fine and is an easy way to begin talking to your ex boyfriend again.

After you’ve got that initial contact restored, you probably want to catch up with him and see how he is doing / show off how you’ve got your act together lately and really blow his socks off!

Ask him to meet up with you for coffee to catch up. This is low commitment and won’t put too much pressure on either you or him. If things go badly, you can easily walk out without having to sit there awkwardly and finish dinner or wait for a movie to end like you would with other types of date. Something like coffee will probably put him at ease.

When you meet him, you want to be talking to your ex boyfriend like you would an old friend who you haven’t seen in awhile. Keep things casual and relaxed. Don’t avoid tough topics like your break up or anything like that if he wants to talk about them, but overall try to keep the conversation optimistic and upbeat.

It’s best to treat this kind of thing like a first date when you’re talking to your ex boyfriend. You wouldn’t want to jump too quickly to sensitive topics with a new guy that you started dating would you?

After this, don’t be afraid to start dating your ex boyfriend again. Again, try to pace things with him appropriately as you are talking to your ex boyfriend again.  I know that the two of you have a history together, but you have to treat this like a completely new relationship with him unless you want to resurrect all the problems that led up to that break up in the first place.

So take things slow and enjoy the back-and-forth dance of dating him again. Don’t rush into things and take on a genuine sense of curiosity as the two of you explore each other and figure out if the two of you can possibly work things out and try dating again.

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